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About Me

My name is Mike Stewart and I have been a health coach for over 10 years empowering families to create healthy lifestyles that include meal plans, exercise programs, and learn how to listen to their body. 

Many parents and children today struggle with their family constantly getting sick but never really asking the question of why.

Your body was designed to heal itself and when you give it the right nutrition you can make that psooible.

By learning some simple tools families can chip away at the cement, let real you shine, and fulfill their purpose on the planet.

My Story

In 2007 whil on a cruise in Mexico my wife Valerie and I attended a health talk where the speaker made a statement that I will never forget. “Think about where you health is at now and all the challenges you are facing, if you make no changes to your lifestyle or eating habits the last ten years of your life can be miserable and so painful you will be unable to function and hoping to die.” 

At that time I weighed 220 pounds, I was struggling with chronic allergies, high blood pressure, such low energy I would fall asleep during the opening credits when watching a movie with my family.

What changed 

When we arrived home from the cruise we made the decision to eat differently and take supplements to improve our health. My wife Valerie was attending a 12 week nutrition class at that time and because of the vsion that was planted in my mind by the health instructor on the cruise we created a plan of the changes we are going to make.

We apllied what Valerie learned from weekly weight loss class and took the following actions:

  1. We eliminated fast food from our diet.
  2. We began to read the nutrition labels of the foods we purchased.
  3. We eliminated processed foods from our diet.

Our results

  1. My allergy symptom become very minmal.
  2. We did not get sick as often.
  3. We had more energy.
  4. We exercised weekly by walking more.
  5. We lost some weight.

Your results may vary depending on the actions you take to improve your health. But remember it is a marathon not a sprint, in other words it takes time to develop the new healthy habits in order to see the results you want.

Resources that gave us the information to make healthy lifestyle changes 

The film Forks Over Knives

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