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Be Aware of Behavior Changes When Your Child Becomes A Teenager

When my son turned 13 his personality changed, he started spending more time in his room and less and less time with my wife and I. We knew something was up so while he was at friend’s house we went in his bedroom to look for anything that may give us a clue. What we found shocked us, we found CDs of music that was very destructive. All the songs had an angry tone and one song even sang about a girl being abused and a person committing suicide.  When we asked our son why he was listening to this kind of music his response was “I don’t listen to the word only the music”. We shared with him that whether he was listening to the words or not by listening to this type of music he will begin to think the same way as the artist. If he continued to put their words in his mind, he would adopt their angry beliefs. We confiscated the CDs and asked him not to listen to that music but to find positive music that focuses on doing good and helping others. He heeded our request and found some positive music with the same beat and type of music and his behavior became more positive.

Earl Nightingale – We become what we think about. You can listen to a short clip here

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