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My Story



In 2008 I weighed over 220 pounds and had many health challenges like chronic, knee back and shoulder pain and chronic allergies for over 20 years and all of those issues had disappeared as a result of the knowledge acquired about the food I was putting in my body and our current food system.
I have eight years of experience in nutrition and weight loss and have helped over 100 people lose weight and improve their health. We are focused on empowering people to get what they want in the area that matter most them. If it is losing weight, lowering your blood sugar or creating a custom program for you or your family we are here for you.
We are committed to your success whether you want to lose weight or just improve your overall health. We have a community committed to inspiring healthy living around the world and we are there to empower you with accountability, diet changes, healthy recipes, gluten-free recipe options and much more. Use the Contact Us to get more information on any of our programs or to have our staff contact you.

The Answer was so Simple

As I started to include more fruits and vegetables in my diet and eliminate the fast food boxed food a lot of my pain went away and I began to lose weight and my allergy symptoms disappeared. A couple of years later I met a woman who introduced me to a product called Juice Plus which is concentrated fruits and vegetables.

I was skeptical at first but after researching the product I found that there are 31 different studies published on how Juice Plus supports the immune system, heart health, and healthy gums. Since I started taking Juice Plus I found that I rarely get sick, my gums don’t bleed anymore when I floss my teeth and my bad foot odor went away.

The reason I share Juice Plus with everyone I meet is that do not want the people I love and care about to think that allergies and pain are just are normal and something they will have to tolerate every day. You have control to eliminate these symptoms!

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