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Master Key Blog 2017

human-blueprintI am so excited to begin another Master Keys course! I love the learning process of recreating the life and in 6 months I won’t even recognize myself.  Yesterday I woke up in the morning with enough time to read scroll 1 and then off to my Toastmasters meeting with the intention of coming home later in the day and reading Master Key lesson 1 and doing my sit and what did I do? I played with my computer toys until late in the afternoon, watched a movie and then I left no time to read my lesson and do the exercise without falling asleep. Then I heard Mark’s voice “When you notice yourself resisting it is your old blueprint running the show.” I forgave myself and moved on. Due to my autopilot activity yesterday I was determined to stay on track today and now I am more aware when the resistance comes to take the actions to do the work. There is truly nothing like the adventure of rediscovering who I really am and the difference I came make in the world around me.  I am happy to share my journey with you.



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