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Week 2- Learning the Power of Gaining Control Of Your Thoughts


Week 2 of the Master Key Experience is all about learning of gaining control of your thoughts. That statement may have different meanings based on each person’s past experiences.

I used to live my life in such a way that I was oblivious of how my mind worked and I believed that examining my thoughts was something I had to go to the doctor to learn. I felt so trapped in a world of constantly trying to fit in and win the approval of the people at my church and at the office.

I can remember going to a company Christmas party or a birthday party where I would compare myself to other guys and I always gave myself a low score and felt so inadequate because I believed everyone had it all together except me.

Week 2 of the course is always an eye-opener for me because Haanel shares the secret to gaining confidence in tour line 18:

The conscious mind ought to be on duty during every waking hour. When the
“watchman” is “off guard,” or when its calm judgment is suspended, under a
variety of circumstances, then the subconscious mind is unguarded and left open to
suggestion from all sources. During the wild excitement of panic, or during the
height of anger, or the impulses of the irresponsible mob, or at any other time of
unrestrained passion, the conditions are most dangerous. The subconscious mind is
then open to the suggestion of fear, hatred, selfishness, greed, self-depreciation
and other negative forces, derived from surrounding persons or circumstances. The
result is usually unwholesome in the extreme, with effects that may endure to
distress it for a long time. Hence, the great importance of guarding the
subconscious mind from false impressions.

Image by Jerzy Górecki from Pixabay

It was a huge surprise to me that I could actually stop false thoughts from being accepted by my unconscious mind, that I actually had control over what I thought and in turn what I felt and my actions. this was a real mind-blowing concept for me after struggling for 40 years with negative thoughts about myself.

I can remember very mean things said to me by kids in Junior High School that would still have an effect on me when I was having a bad day that would cause me to want to just hide. But now that I have this newfound power I can stand and defend myself and if you apply these same tools you can adopt that same power in your life.

Inclosing consider adding these 3 things to your daily routine.

  1. Before you start your day go somwhere where you can be alone and sit in silence for 15 minutes. Observe the thoughts that come to your mind.
  2. Realize you have the power to accept those negative thoughts as real or eliminate them and shift your focus to thoughts that inspire you.
  3. Show compassion for others who may be dealing with their own negative thoughts, beliefs and actions.
  4. Create a vision of what you want your life to be like in the present tense feeel what that is like using all 5 senses. The more intense the feelings the more you will draw thoose things to you.

I look forward to sharing more in the weeks to come. Consider getting on the list for the Master Key Experience 2022 class.

Mike G Stewart

Author: Mike Stewart

I have been a student of personal development for over ten years and have found it to be an amazing tool to create a life I absolutely love. I found a fantastic course called The Master Key Experience that has given me the tools to live a life and passion and purpose and I want to share it with everyone.

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