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Week 2 – Replacing Bad Habits With Good Habits is The Key To Long Term Success


Replacing bad habits with good habits is the key to long term success and the Alladin’s lamp to creating the life your soul longs for.

Have you ever wondered why you keep doing the same thing over and over again and your life is not working?

Have you ever felt stuck and not able to move your life in a direction that is aligned with your goals dreams and desires?

I felt that way for years until I found this course. The Master Key Experience six-month course has given me the tools to recognize the bad habits and thought patterns that have kept me on a path to nowhere for years.

This week’s discovery is all about evaluating which habits serve me at achieving my heart’s desire and which habits wound, weaken and disable me from living my authentic purpose. While reading Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman Scroll One this week I had a revelation, I began to see how this simple book was a catalyst to empower me to succeed at changing the things I habitually think about, and by changing my thoughts I am changing the feelings that are attached to those thoughts and in turn the actions that are attached to those feelings.

This is the passage that really impacted me this week.

Only principles endure and these I now possess, for the laws that will lead me to greatness are contained in the words of these scrolls. What they will teach me is more to prevent failure than to gain success, for what is success other than a state of mind?
Which two, among a thousand wise men, will define success in the same words; yet failure is always described in one way. Failure is man’s inability to reach his goals in life, whatever they may be. In truth, the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the differences of their habits. Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure. Thus, the first law I will obey, which precedeth all others is – I will form good habits and become their slave.

After reading this passage I began to ask myself “what is one habit in my life that has stopped me, or has been a roadblock keeping me from having the life I want?” The answer that came to me was “you must stop entertaining thoughts of running out of money and not being able to pay your rent.”

I began to look back and recognize this as a habitual thought from my old blueprint and remembered that I don’t have to entertain those thoughts anymore but now have the power to use the Law of Substitution to replace that of lack with the thought of abundance and as long do the mental work pursuing my authentic purpose and partnering with God I can have what I want and expect it with confidence. By exercising that law I created a new habit of always focusing on the good, on abundance and the greater good not just for me but for all people.

My authentic purpose is to empower each person in my path today to recognize the greatness within them, partner with the source of all good, the creator of all things, give them the tools to live each day powerfully based on their purpose and give permission to the people in their lives to do the same.

Take a moment a do this exercise.

  1. Get a [iece of paper and draw a line down the middle.
  2. Think about the things you do every day that don’t serve you and write them on the left side of the line.
  3. On the right and side of the line write down a positive thought that excites you and counteracts each of the old habits.
  4. Envision the most extravagant outcome and feel the emotions as if you already accomplished them.

Author: Mike Stewart

I have been a student of personal development for over ten years and have found it to be an amazing tool to create a life I absolutely love. I found a fantastic course called The Master Key Experience that has given me the tools to live a life and passion and purpose and I want to share it with everyone.

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